Farm is the second episode of Go Baby! In this episode, Baby and Narrator are at a farm. Baby is looking for a

Baby, Narrator, and a pig.

sheep. The viewers are invited to help Baby look for it.


As the episode begins, we find Baby at a farm wearing a farmer's hat. The Narrator greets the viewers and allows them to say hello to Baby. He then says Baby is looking for a lost sheep and asks the viewers to help. Baby then sees a cow in the barn and thinks it's a sheep. The Narrator asks the viewers if they think it's a sheep and reveals it's not a sheep but instead a cow. The cow moos and Baby also moos. The Narrator comments on it saying that's good. Baby crals to a haystack and sees a pig. He thinks it's the sheep. The Narrator asks if it's a sheep and reveals it's a pig. Baby pats the pig's head and giggles. He then crawls to some sunflowers and looks around. There is a sheep in the distance behind him but he doesn't see it. The Narrator asks the viewers if they see a sheep. Baby then sees the sheep and the sheep walks over to him. Baby then starts to do the Go Baby! dance. The cow, pig, a chicken, and 3 baby chicks come to dance along too. The Narrator thanks the viewers for their help and the episode ends.


  • Place: Farm
  • Theme: Life on the Farm
  • Characters Present: Baby and Narrator
  • Airdate: April 24, 2004


  • This is the first episode not to have Butterfly in it.
  • This is the second episode of Season 1.