Dance is the sixth episode of Go Baby! In this episode, Baby and Sophie do dances in the park. The viewers are

Baby and Sophie dancing.

invited to help them in the park. 


As the episode begins, we find Baby in the park. The Narrator greets the viewers and allows them to say hello to Baby. He then tells them that Baby is in the park. He also says that Baby is searching for his music player but can't find it. Butterfly arrives with it. The Narrator asks the viewers to help Baby find it. Baby finds it and Butterfly puts it down by Baby. The Narrator thanks Butterfly. He also says that Baby will dance to the music. Butterfly plays fast music. Baby doesn't know how to dance fast. With help from the viewers, he learns how to and dances fast. He dances so fast that he falls over but luckily, the Narrator catches him. The Narrator turn notices Sophie's bottom in the bushes. Sophie comes out and the Narrator allows them to say hello Baby. Baby and Sophie then hug. The Narrator then asks if they are ready to dance. Baby and Sophie get very excited. Butterfly plays slow music. Baby and Sophie don't know how to dance slow but with help from the viewers, they figure it out and dance slow. Butterfly then plays silly music. At first, Baby and Sophie don't know how to dance slow but the help from the viewers showed them how to dance silly. Then, the Narrator suggests they play "Freeze Dance." When Butterfly plays music, they can dance however they wish. Butterfly plays music and they both dance. The Narrator explains that when Butterfly stops the music, they have to freeze. Butterfly stops the music and they freeze. The Narrator comments saying that's good freezing. They play another round and the Narrator thinks the way they froze is funny. Then Butterfly plays the Go Baby! theme which means its time for the Go Baby! dance. They both dance and then a duckling and a rabbit join them. The Narrator allows the viewers to say bye-bye to Baby and Sophie and says goodbye. The episode then ends.


  • Place: Park
  • Theme: Different types of dance moves
  • Characters Present: Baby, Sophie, Narrator, and Butterfly
  • Airdate: November 26, 2005 (Thanksgiving Weekend)


  • This is the last episode to air in 2005.
  • This is the third episode of Season 2.


  • Parks are not made as dance practice areas for infants.