Butterfly is one of the main characters in Go Baby! She is a butterfly who goes on adventures in different places with

Butterfly in "Music!"

her friends Baby, Sophie, and Narrator in every episode and delivers things.


Butterfly is a small Monarch animated butterfly. She is black and has orange and black wings.


Butterfly is a small butterfly who delivers things to Baby, Sophie, and the Narrator. She also shows them surprises. She also loves to go on adventures with her friends. Butterfly doesn't talk but beautiful music plays when she is on the screen.



Baby and Butterfly are good friends. Baby loves it when Butterfly comes around. Butterfly also delivers things to Baby and Sophie and shows them surprises and helps them as well.


Sophie and Butterfly are good friends. Sophie is also happy when Butterfly comes by to deliver something or to show Sophie and Baby a surprise. In Birthday Party, she gives Sophie a birthday tiara when she arrives for the party.


The Narrator and Butterfly are good friends. The Narrator is always happy when Butterfly arrives to deliver something or to bring Baby and Sophie to surprises. He also thanks Butterfly when she delivers something to them.

List of Go Baby! EpisodesEdit

Butterfly has appeared in most episodes. She only hasn't appeared in 3 episodes. Here are Butterfly's appearances:

  1. Music
  2. Beach
  3. Garden
  4. Moon
  5. Birthday Party


  • Butterfly is the only main character never to talk.
  • Butterfly can play the guitar as shown in Music!
  • It is unknown why butterfly wasn't in the episodes she hasn't appeared in.