Bathtime is the seventh episode of Go Baby! In this episode, Baby and Sophie have a bath. The viewers are invited to

Baby and Sophie in the bath.

 help them in the bath.


As the episode begins, we find Baby in his house standing by the bathtub. The Narrator greets the viewers and allows them to say hello to Baby. He then says it's Baby's bathtime and he puts Baby in the bathtub. He also says that Sophie would be coming soon. He asks the viewers to help him wash Baby. He washses Baby's foot and tickles it. Baby puts soap on his nose. The Narrator then asks where Baby's hair is. He washes Baby's hair and sings a song. Sophie arrives and the Narrator allows the viewers to say hello to Sophie. Baby and Sophie hug. Sophie takes some soap and makes a hat out of it on her head. The Narrator asks if the viewers know what that is and then reveals that it's a hat. Baby takes some soap and makes elephant's ears and a trunk and trumpets. The Narrator asks what Baby has made and then reveals that Baby is pretending to be an elephant. Sophie and Baby laugh at it. Then, they wash off all the soap. Butterfly arrives and the Narrator tells the viewers that she has something to show Baby and Sophie. They follow her and find a toy boat they can ride on. The Narrator sings "Row, Row, Row your Boat!" as Baby and Sophie paddle the boat in the bathtub while Butterfly rides on the steering wheel. Then, it's time for the Go Baby! dance. Baby and Sophie begin to dance as a toy turtle and fish come and dance too. The Narrator allows the viewers to say bye-bye to Baby and Sophie. The episode then ends.


  • Place: Baby's house
  • Theme: Bathtime in the Tub
  • Characters Present: Baby, Sophie, Narrator, and Butterfly.
  • Airdate: September 27, 2006 (last year as Spongebob Squarepants: Season 3 Boxset and Tales from the Crib: Snow White VHS)


  • This is the first episode to air in 2006.
  • This is the fourth episode of Season 2.


  • Boats cannot fit in baths.