Baby's house is a location in Go Baby! It is where Baby and Narrator live. It is the location that has appeared the

Baby, Narrator, and Butterfly in Baby's house in "Music!"


Baby and Sophie in the garden at Baby's house in "Garden!"



Not many of the rooms are shown in Baby's house. There is a room where Baby and the Narrator play music together. It has a drum, guitar, and piano. The wallpaper has musical notes on it. There is also a music poster on the wall. Another room is the bathroom. The bathtub is big and white and has ocean pictues on the side. The wallpaper is tiled with an ocean border on it. There is also a few bath toys and a big toy boat that Baby and Sophie can ride in. The last room is where Sophie's birthday party took place. It has one mat that's blue, and another mat that's striped. There is a rocking horse in the background by the wall. The walls are decorated with balloons and a long streamer. There is also a garden outside the house. It has many plants and flowers and trees.

Baby and Sophie in Baby's bathtub in "Bathtime!"

Birthday Party

Baby and Sophie in Baby's house in "Birthday Party!"

List of Go Baby! EpisodesEdit

Baby's house has appeared in 4 episodes. Here are the episodes:

  1. Music
  2. Garden
  3. Bathtime
  4. Birthday Party


  • This is the location that appears the most. 
  • This is the only residental location.
  • Although Baby and Narrator are the only people who live here, Sophie and Butterfly are regular guests here.